“The Colorado Dance Initiative,” a supplemental pre-professional program designed to…

to assist dancers in reaching their dance goals and dreams within the concert dance world while allowing them the freedom to continue to train at their home studio.  Ms. Archer knows this is very doable, as throughout the years she has seen many kids gaining entrance into the conservatory/university programs and companies of their choice. Over the years, Ms. Archer has developed a program that helps students achieve their goals, and is excited about sharing all that she has learned over the years within the context of CDI.  Understanding how difficult it has become to be accepted into these highly competitive upper-tier conservatory and university dance programs, Ms. Archer stresses how important it is for young dancers to train and build their resumes accordingly.    

The Unique Advantage:

Because of her experience and vast knowledge, Ms. Archer is able to look at each dance student and assess what programs will be the best fit for them coming out of high school, create goals with them and a path that will help them realize those goals.  In fact, part of the program includes one-on-one meetings with Ms. Archer, the dancer and their parents to discuss each one of these aspects.  

The program also serves as a bridge between the studio world and the university/dance concert world.  Too many students graduate high school, leave their dance studio and have a rude awakening when they realize how different concert/conservatory/university culture and training is as opposed to studio culture and training.  Competition is highly coveted in the Denver area, and while there are advantages to some aspects of  competition, dancers will permanently leave that world behind them after graduating high school.

The Details:

The 2-3 Sundays a month will include an hour and a half contemporary fusion class and , a three-hour rehearsal for both age groups.  The rehearsals will culminate in a concert at the end of the season, in a professional environment, with the dancers showcasing the work they have learned throughout the season. This process, as well as the concert itself, will help give each dancer foundational knowledge about the concert dance world in a way that nothing else can.

In addition, another advantageous part of this new program is the connection between it and Ms. Archer’s professional company, Chadash Contemporary Dance Movement.  Each August, Chadash premiers its concert in Denver, Colorado, and members of The Colorado Dance Initiative, will have the opportunity to work with and observe the company in a variety of ways.  At the end of each season, as a part of the program, there will be an audition held for “apprentice” spots in the Chadash concert, allowing these apprentices to work alongside the company dancers, professionals from all over the country, in presenting the concert.